Reviews of From Stress to Serenity

Each of us meets an individual world. That is why stress is also so personal.

One person is afraid of flying and another does it for a hobby. One person copes with thirty children and another can't manage one. One enjoys the quiet and another is bored. She seems to have tireless energy and enthusiasm while he spends any amount of time saying how busy he is. When we are unable to cope with what another can thrive on, this signals a need for personal growth.

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'Reading Angus Jenkinson's book' is like throwing open the doors to a dark and airless room. He brings order to chaos and gently but firmly leads the reader back in to the warm sunshine of calm self-belief.'

Andy Blackford, Co-founder,KB49

'Angus Jenkinson handles this crucial contemporary issue with remarkable depth, erudition and originality. What is offered here are not mere techniques for avoiding or coping with stress, but a path towards its transformation into creative self-development'.

Steve Briault, Consultant and Director, Rubicon Associates

'At last - a book that raises our experience of “stress” onto a new level! This will prove invaluable to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of what stress is, what it can teach us and how we can work with it constructively.'

Sue Peat, Consultant/Senior Lecturer, Kings College Hospital, London

'Rich insights on stress and the challenges of living.'

Philip Martyn, European General Counsel, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation